The Museum of Bellas Artes Cubano and what a surprise or two we got!

This museum of Bellas Artes Cubano had been on our list to visit, but by the morning we were planning on going, Jenn and I had already seen a lot of art at many of the street galleries, so we were both hesitant to go. We said ‘well, let’s give it a shot.’ Wow, were we in for a surprise!
First, I want to mention that we have visited every major museum in Europe, the United States, Chile, and even the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Not only did this museum exceed our expectations, but we put it in the top ten of all those we have seen. 
Upon entering the museum you are asked to leave your backpack, or any other large bag at the front desk locker and given a number. There are three floors to the museum. The cafeteria and gift shop were on the first floor, while the art is displayed on the upper two floors, with bathrooms accessible on each floor. The viewing took us approximately three hours.
The museum had works from the sixteenth century all the way to the present, fantastic portraits as finely painted as any of the best of their time, breathtaking landscapes pieces, and modern pieces so Picasso-like, that we first thought it was his work, until we read it was a couple of Cuban painters. 
There were Surat, Renoir, Goughan, and Monet-like pieces. Nearly all of the different impressionistic style was represented by some Cuban artist in as fine of work as the original masters.
We even found pieces by an artist that blew us away, as we had never seen anything like his impasto and knife work. In fact, one of the friendliest museum guards talked about this work as her favorite in the museum. I was so impressed by it, that I’m even thinking of giving his style a shot and incorporating the influence into some of my own art. 
The art continued to impress us, as we saw Dali, Jackson Pollack and even Andy Warhol influences in some of the more modern pieces. The art work of the revolution was somewhat interesting, as well as some of the pieces of World War II. Some works were even a bit disturbing, but none the less interesting.
Now for the last surprise…this was only half the museum! The other half, comprised of international works, was closed due to air conditioning repairs. I look forward to visiting and reporting about this section in the future. 
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4 Responses to “The Museum of Bellas Artes Cubano and what a surprise or two we got!”

  1. Peggy Page says:

    How exciting Pedro. Jenn has filled me and said Cuba is lovely. Jenn told me about the museum and said it was remarkable. Sounds like two had a terrific time.

    Miss ya

    • Pedro says:

      Peg we were really surprised by the quality of the pieces. It would be great for you to come over and check it out with us. I miss ya too.

  2. Ann weiskopf says:

    How exciting to see this museum

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