Palpable Emotions

With only one week pending until the long awaited viaje (trip) to Cuba with a native Cuban my partner of ten years….Don Peter! I am anxious as a first time (virgin) traveler to Cuba, and thrilled at the possibilities that await. From the azure waters to the sulfur spring mud baths, reviewing nautical charts, and maps, seeking out beaches, restaurants and a myriad of places to check out.

The process includes: venturing into the closet, puling out one 44 lb suitcase (20kilos max on Cubana Airlines), selecting outfits, since temperatures will be in the 90’s with massive humidity, I gather less is best and cotton is a must. Just how many pairs of shoes can I bring, umph. At lest seven to ten pairs is of course needed but impossible to even consider, for heavens sake! Proper shoes are a must (since kilometers will be hoofed). Flip flops, Birkenstock, Suacony, and Teva’s packed. Sunscreen, water bottle, sarongs, and an umbrella, for dual purposes!

I’m anxious to find out about the cultural,that encompasses the European architecture, playas (beaches), forts, bars, and the music that created such a history, and all the other mysteries still to behold. Restaurant’s cuisine will be sampled with enthusiasm.  I have even packed my own lobster forks. At $10 a plate for lobster I plan to sample quite a bit.

I can’t wait to report back to all of you what I have found. Until then!


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5 Responses to “Palpable Emotions”

  1. Sandra Fernandez says:

    Jennifer, I know you are going to have a wonderful time. I am so envious! So enjoyed this article and can’t wait to hear all about it! Buen Viaje Amiga!

    • jENNIFER says:

      I am so excited, and so want to share this experience with you..

      I am going to do my best to come to your “girls” day in Florida…..

  2. Peggy Page says:

    Can’t wait to see all the stuff.

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