Havana has a white sand beach?

Not really, but just fifteen minutes away Havana (Lavana) has an awesome white sand beach.  Actually a really big long stretch of white sand beach that goes by the name of Playas Del Este.  The easiest way to get there if it is just one or two of you, is to take the A/C tour bus at Lavana central park across the street from the Hotel Inglatera (England). For only 5 cu each round-trip from 9am-6pm you can hop on or off at the 2 forts across the Havana Channel Moro or La Cabana (make sure you get a voucher) or go straight through to playas del este. Here each segment of beach has a name like Tarara, Playa topicoco after the beach hotel, there is my favorite playa Santa Maria. Why is it my favorite… simple, look what my dad and I saw coming off the tour bus just 10 meters in front of us in the photo below (of course he sprints to it leaving me taking the photo).

pina colada hut2

Need I say more? We ordered the second round pretty quickly after the first.  All kidding aside and pina coladas consumed…the beach is pretty awesome, in itself.

Playa Santa Maria, Havana, Cuba

Playa Santa Maria, Havana, Cuba

 The playa Santa Maria section, has fewer people than the other beaches.

TIP: Go during the weekday as the weekends tends to get pretty full with Habaneros (folks from Havana) during the weekend.  Best times are 10-3pm.  The last bus is packed.  You can also get something to eat at the restaurant near the entrance next to the Pina Colada hut and 2 blocks down there are more places to eat and a convenience store.  This beach is a fabulous break from the city and so close and convenient to get to.  If one wanted to stay for longer, there are several hotels and rentals there.  All government owned.  
Pina Coladas for 1 cu, white sand beach, palm trees, and the azure blue Caribbean waters just 15 minutes away, make this a must on things to do in Havana.

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