Fabrica de Arte Cubano “FAC” Unique!

Fábrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) is my absolute favorite evening hangout in the world. Located at 11 and 26 in Vedado (La Habana), the establishment was originally the headquarters for Havana’s electricity company, then became an olive oil factory. The world famous Cuban artist X Alfonso has truly transformed this space into one of the most unique arts venues in the world.


From the moment you walk in pay your CUC$2 and get your drink card (don’t lose it or you pay CUC$30 at end of the visit), you can feel something different about this place. The rawness of it, the music in the background, and the curiosity of what is beyond the first hall way or up the stairs give it a vibe that is truly unique.

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I quickly dove in and ordered what else?…A mojito (for the mojito meter research of course)!  With my glass in hand and a beautiful woman at my arm, We made our way through the first hallway gallery, quickly noticing little nooks and crannies with art, in addition to all of the cool pieces filling the hallway gallery walls.

We wandered about the gallery, and down the first hallway, we came upon a fairly large room in the middle, where a really cool short art film was playing.  After the 15 minute film, we continued the journey through the maze of art where we stumbled upon another pretty awesome bar where I ordered another ‘research’ libation. Hey, with a good cocktail costing only CUC$2, it’s pretty hard to resist!WP_20151009_054

This room was quite large and filled with rock posters from Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Beattles, Clapton, and probably another 50 British artists (British week at FAC). This room also had a stage and where most of the live band performances take place, aside from two other rooms. I was so in awe of it that I actually forgot to take pictures (I definitely will next visit)!  After absorbing this rock and roll shrine, we moved on to the back hallway, where there were art pieces of functional designs, and even a jewelry artist who was there showing her work.  Next came the stairs to the second level. Folks, this place has three floors! Immediately you’re taken into a winding maze of art pieces, both on the floor, and on the walls.


At the end of this maze, we walked into a very large room with what else?…Another awesome bar! While Jenn went off to check out the wall art, I continued my liquid research, and watched the film playing, as I took in all of the cool music and vibes.


We then walked just outside of this huge room to an open air area, where Jenn and I enjoyed a couple of Habanos (Cuban Cigars) and observed the sculptures, stars, and a great view into the rock and roll room downstairs that became filled with people awaiting the concert.



Another great and unique aspect of FAC, is that they change their theme every single week! The way they mix up the art and music, you will never get bored of this place. The week we went happened to be British week. After visiting it’ll be hard not to come by at least a few times a month.
FAC is open from Thursday to Sunday, from 8pm to 3am. Naturally, the crowd gets younger as the night goes on, and after midnight I’d say it’s about 60% under 30 years old. We got there at 9pm and a line formed about 15 minutes later.  See picture at the start.
If you like art and music, really good CUC$2 cocktails, and a cool mix of people then you’ve got to stop by FAC while in La Habana!


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4 Responses to “Fabrica de Arte Cubano “FAC” Unique!”

  1. Debi Gedling says:

    What a fun place–I would absolutely love it!!!!

  2. Sandra says:

    Pedro, what an awesome place. I so enjoyed reading about it. Thanks for your detailed and fun description. Nice to know they appreciate art and Rock n Roll.

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