Cubans leaving Cuba, well you just might be surprised!

I thought you should know the other truth of what is really going on.

In Cuba, Cuban citizens are in one of two categories:

1) Your a tourist (residency in another country) with no benefits like medical or the ability to own property in Cuba.


2) Your a permanent resident with all of the above benefits and still the ability to come and go from Cuba as long as you set foot in Cuba once for 24 hours every 2 years.


I keep hearing, and reading in the media “it is so bad in Cuba that over 10,000 Cubans have left the island just recently”.  The main reason they are leaving, is the new positive relations between the US and Cuba, every Cuban knows that shortly the dry foot policy (meaning any Cuban that makes it to shore is granted instant residency) is coming to end shortly.  Many who have the means or not in the tourist trade are making the exit. One can ask just about any Cuban in the tourist trade in the hotter tourist areas like La Habana, Vinales , and Trinidad, if they want to leave and most will say “no thanks” we are doing pretty good and have no interest to leave.  I have confirmed this with countless encounters of those in the tourism industry.


Cubans are now moving back to Cuba or at least getting residency by the thousands to live again either full or part time in our native country.  I have confirmed this with my own current experience. When I first looked into the process in early 2015 the wait period was only 3-6 months and one usually obtained it within four months.  I filed on October 7th 2015 and went to check in to see how things were progressing this past week… immigration said they can barely keep up with the vast numbers of applicants, because of this wave it could be 3 more months!!!  So, what took 3-6 months is now taking 7-9 months and counting.  Cubans leaving?


Cuba is changing no doubt for the better and surely not as fast as some would like, but in my opinion Cuba is moving along as fast as it can handle these new changes without losing many of it’s great qualities.




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