Cost of living in Havana

Updated: October  2015



2 bedroom 1 bath apartment in old Havana.  65 meter square $300-$500. per month. Just off Old Havana $200.

Electric, Water, garbage: $10

Internet unlimited data DSL: $105

Purchase of same apartment per square meter $506. (noticed even more activity in buying in old Havana in October) I am friendly with a very honest Lic. realtor in old Havana if you guys need one. He ha gone the extra mile fo rme and I am used him in our search for an apartment to buy in Havana Vieja (old).



Eggs: 30 medium $1.40

Milk:  1 liter $1.35

Bread: 1 loaf average $.50

Chicken: 1 kilo breast $3.65

Rice: 1 kilo $.80

Pineapple: 1 medium $.40

Avocado: 1 medium $.38

Tomatoes: 1 kilo $.92

Water: 1.5 liter bottle $1.00

Coke: diet or regular 1.5 liter $1.50

Beer: bottle Domestic (Bucanero or Crystal) $1 each

Rum: 1 liter bottle cheap stuff $3.00/good $8.00

Vodka: 750ml bottle $3.00

Cigarette pack (US brand) $1.25



City bus: $.05 each way

A/C  bus to beach round trip $5

Co-op Taxi (Almendros) $.40 any route/ nine routes (map coming soon)

Taxi: per km $1

Own your own car? forget about it ridiculous expensive.



Creole: locals eats $1.50 (good food and lots)

Mid range: $3-$10 (several places in old Havana lobster for $10.)

Higher end:$15-$25 (overpriced tourist traps)