Compostela 157: Awesome food and ‘The Batman’ mixing it up!

The first time I went to restaurant Compostela 157 was a great experience!  All of the food tasted super fresh and I later found out why! I also became friends with Emilio, the owner, his brother Jorge, and his awesome bartender, nicknamed ‘The Batman,’ who is a super mixologist even given the limited tools he has to work with.   


Emilio believes in keeping the food as fresh as possible. He has an assistant, Julio, who runs out to get what ever the chef needs whenever he runs out of anything.  I ate here three times on this trip all three times were consistently good, as were the cocktails. As of this post, Compostela 157 is tied in first on our mojito meter list.

My next visit to Compostela 157 was even better, due to Emilio hiring a new chef who had his recipe for Moro rice (black beans mixed with rice) down to a scienceMy mom makes the worlds greatest beans but this I do have to say, these were pretty darn good!

This was Jennifer’s first time at the restaurant. We ordered lobster, and after letting her get into her meal for a few minutes I asked “Well what do you think?” She answered, and I quote, “You know we’re eating here every other night!” 

Awesome lobster at Compostella 157

Awesome lobster at Compostella 157


We were both very pleased with our meal and drinks. Jennifer had a Lemonade Frape and I had a fantastic daiquiri called a ” Multa” (light skinned black female). I asked Batman to surprise me and he surpassed himself with the best daiquiri I have ever had, even ordering two more to make sure the first one wasn’t a fluke.  No fluke, they were equally amazing.  

By the way, two women from London had just flown in and were dining at the restaurant. Overhearing what cocktail to order…I jumped in and said the mojitos are excellent but the Multa is divine. They ordered one of each and the woman with the Multa started talking in tongues with plenty of “mmmm’s” and “ohhhh’s.” The other woman tried a sip and said, “I should of ordered that, not that the mojito is bad but wow is this good!”

If you’re looking for a great restaurant with great people, food, and drinks to go along, then this is your spot! I definitely know it’s mine, as I’ll make it point to stop in for a bite many times thought my travels!

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2 Responses to “Compostela 157: Awesome food and ‘The Batman’ mixing it up!”

  1. Sandra Fernandez says:

    Making me drool Amigo. Enjoyed this description thoroughly.

    • Pedro says:

      157 is right near the middle of the best area in La Habana Vieja. Besides the food it is the treatment they give you there and specially on subsequent visits. Thanks Sandra!

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