5 Things to bring to Cuba


  1. Cash!  Not dollars, bring Euros,Canadian dollars, Pounds, Yen, Swiss Francs, or Mexican pesos because, after the exchanges fees you will get 10% less cuc in dollars over the other acceptable currencies. No where did I find any business that accepted credit cards except for exchange houses as long as it is not a US issued card.   If you have a non-US credit card your exchange fee is the same on your card as your currency 3%. Tip: use a money belt in Cuba.
  2. Toilet paper! Yes, you read correctly and I write this from experience unless you want to use banana leaves or writing paper!  It is best to stash some in your purse or backpack on your day outings. In addition to using for the obvious reasons, many restaurants do not offer napkins and one can use some good old toilet paper in place of napkins.
  3. Imodium AD or some other diarrhea medicine. It happens in Havana and you do not want to spend your time on the throne or worse dehydrated and having to go to a hospital.
  4. Download some entertainment on your computer,pad, or smart phone. Unless your staying at a very high-end hotel you will not find any wifi in most places.  Wifi is spotty at best all over Havana and worst outside of it.
  5. Your patience… because, you will get asked to buy food, drinks or give money in some way at some point. Understand most Cubans make less in a month than what many first world folks spend on one good meal out for two.  Just say no and use some of that patience you brought with you.                                               045b       Have a great time!





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