5 Reasons to go to Cuba

  1. The people! Yes, four out of five people you meet will try, in some way, to hustle or sell you something, but if you made $25 a month, wouldn’t you? After you pass the hustle or sell stage, you will find some of the most warm and fun people anywhere.
  2. The fabulous architecture! Anywhere you go in La Habana Vieja (old), or Central Havana, your eyes will feast on some amazing facades. Some may be a disaster, while some are amazingly beautiful, but either way, there is nothing like it in South or North America.
  3. The art! There are no less than 10 major museums and Galleries in La Habana Vieja. It seems like every block has some gallery or two where artists are not only showing their work, but can also be seen working on their paintings. The Factory of Art is another fabulous must see while in Havana (see our post on it soon)!
  4. The beaches! With over 1,500 miles of coast line, there is bound to be a beach you enjoy.
  5. The Vibe! Without a doubt, La Habana is happening. Between the renovations and construction sites on every block in old Havana, the countless new restaurants and bars springing up, and celebrities from all around the world popping up all over town, everyone there can’t stop talking about it!  These changes are literally ‘the talk of the town!’

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2 Responses to “5 Reasons to go to Cuba”

  1. Debi Gedling says:

    So glad you mentioned getting by the hustling. I used to frequent Jamaica where the people are extremely poor and also do their share of hustling. It is so very worth it to get past it and on to the people. Everything sounds fabulous!

    • Pedro says:

      Debi! Nice surprise to see you here. I became friendly with about 5 of them and even kid with them and they with me. They have even gone out of their way to help me several times with favors never asking for anything.

      It is fun.

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